President of the Chamber

President of Chamber fills the function of Chamber commissioner.
President of the Chamber performs the following work:
  1. convenes and chairs the sessions of General Assembly and carries out their conclusions and decisions
  2. signs separate acts of the Chamber
  3. signs annual balance of payment of the Chamber
  4. takes care of cooperation between General Assembly and other bodies
  5. independently contracts legal work up to the amount of 37 000 kn
  6. proposes to the Chamber Council candidates for Chamber advisers
  7. gives statements for the public or authorises another person to do it
  8. carries out other work set in this Statute and other general acts of the Chamber 
President of the Chamber is Ana Soldo, mag. pharm. She was born on the September 22nd, 1979 in Mostar. She graduated pharmacy in 2003 at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry University of Zagreb. She works in Gradska ljekarna Zagreb as vice director of the institution. She became a president of the Chamber on 10th of June 2017.


Deputy President of the Chamber

Deputy President of the Chamber stands in for the President of the Chamber in case of his/her absence or inability and he/she also performs other work allotted to him by the President.
Deputy President of the Chamber is doc. dr. sc. Ivan Pepić, mag. pharm. (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb) and Mario Vrebčević, mag.pharm., Lundbeck Croatia d.o.o.