General Assembly of Chamber

General Assembly is the highest body of the Chamber.
General Assembly carries out the following activities:
  1. passes the Statute with two-third's majority of the total number of General Assembly members' votes with the approval of the minister responsible for health
  2. passes Codex for pharmaceutical ethics and deontology
  3. passes Proceedings for the work of General Assembly
  4. passes Rules for election and revocation of Chamber bodies members
  5. passes the program for the work of Chamber
  6. passes financial plan
  7. accept the final balance of payments
  8. decides on the amount of enrolment dues, membership fee and the amount of payment to the members for their work in the Chamber
  9. elects and acquits of duty Chamber President and Deputy President
  10. nominates and acquits members of Chamber council after the proposal by Regional council
  11. nominates and acquits a president and members of Supervisory board
  12. nominates and acquits a member of Executive board
  13. nominates and acquits a president and members of Appeal committee
  14. discusses and makes conclusions, recommendations and resolutions on all professional and expert questions
  15. discusses and makes decisions concerning the reports on work of all Chamber bodies
  16. carries out other jobs set out by the law, this Statute and other general acts of Chamber.