Chamber Council

Chamber Council carries out the following activities:
  1. passes general acts of the Chamber except Statute and acts stated in the article 15 of this Statute
  2. passes Proceedings for the work of Chamber Council
  3. passes proposal for the program of work for Chamber
  4. supervises execution of the program of work of Chamber
  5. supervises execution of conclusions of General Assembly
  6. prepares periodical accounting statements
  7. nominates and acquits one member of the Executive board
  8. nominates and acquits the judges of Discipline court, prosecutor and deputy prosecutors of Chamber
  9. nominates and acquits the members and deputy members of Chamber Commissions
  10. nominates expert commissions and work groups when required
  11. makes decisions concerning renewal of Licence for independent work and decision for taking away Licence for independent work
  12. passes the plan and program for further education
  13. makes decision concerning the change of Chamber headquarters
  14. gives and receives proposals that are of general importance for successful execution of Chamber activities
  15. gives the President of the Chamber and Executive board of the Chamber proposals and opinions on separate issues
  16. demands from President and Executive board of the Chamber to discuss certain issues
  17. reviews the reports of the President of Chamber concerning the work of the Chamber and the work of Executive board of the Chamber
  18. orders Executive board of the Chamber to carry out decisions
  19. monitors and coordinates the work of Regional councils and reviews remarks and proposals by the Regional councils
  20. resolves disputes among Regional councils
  21. implements financial policies and manages Chamber resources
  22. makes decision concerning the price of Chamber services
  23. gives approval for forming the prices of medicine and other items from voluntary insurance which is set by the contract of insurance company
  24. makes decision on contracting legal jobs that do not surpass the amount of 37.000 kunas
  25. nominates and acquits the General secretary and makes decisions concerning signing work agreements with other workers in the Chamber
  26. makes decisions regarding invitations for tenders for the members of General Assembly and other Chamber bodies
  27. gives opinion regarding the acts for contracts for carrying out health protection with the Croatian institute for health insurance
  28. makes decisions regarding Chamber cooperation with other professional organisations in the country and abroad
  29. performs other activities set by the law, this Statute or general acts of the Chamber

President of the Chamber’s Council is Marija Vinković, mag. pharm.